How to Unite a Divided Nation Through Casino Online Games

It was enough the community divided because of political differences and support during the last campaign season. Now is the time to rebuild unity and unity to make Indonesia a democratic, civilized, prosperous, and dignified province.

It is undeniable that the split might be painful for some people to forget. Some are even already imprinted in their hearts. Therefore it is absolute and urgent to reaffirm diversity and unity now. However, the ongoing democratic process aims to get leaders who are expected to bring this region to a better place.

Moreover, of course, we also agree as a nation that is born and grows in diversity; we should celebrate the differences together. This is the oath of the founders of the nation as well as the capital of future generations to move forward. When the Youth Pledge was promulgated approximately 90 years ago, young people from various regions in the archipelago had realized that only with the unity of the nation could it advance. Therefore they swear allegiance and make diversity a force. Even before the Youth Pledge and Indonesia existed, the difference was celebrated together by the people of the archipelago.

In the colonial period, figures from various regions exchanged mutual virtues. They share, exchange ideas, even learn together to dispel invaders. This proves that the people of Indonesia have matured in managing diversity. Including diversity over religion. Therefore what has been put together by the predecessors should not be scattered just because of political differences.

If we still expect a lot from this nation, we must end the debates and divisions in political consequences. Especially those developing in cyberspace. Moreover, often the discussion has even gone out of context also though there are no benefits to be obtained in such ways.

Instead, it will only cloud the atmosphere in people’s lives. Make people offended and angry while there are still many national problems that are more important to solve.

Instead, we must treat the differences, which are the capital and wealth of this nation. It has become the nature of Indonesian society to live in many gaps. That difference is a strength that no other government has. Do not let this difference be used by other countries to divide this nation. We should be keen to analyze ways like this. We do not want divisions to occur within the community, as we have experienced in the past colonial period.

Using Games to Unite Differences such as Online Casino Games

Casino Online Unite People

People with the same interest can be united because they share the same goal. It’s like when a nation compete in football tournament against other nation. The whole country will gather and support their country despite of different traditions or skin color.

We can also apply this strategy in the online games culture like the simplest one is Casino games such as Baccarat or Poker. The game was made for spending our leisure time while playing Casino Online with our friends wherever they are.

While we already tired of fighting against each other because of politics reason and even the candidate won’t even bother on what we choose in the election. I think we can reflect ourself by doing something more useful and fun for our mind. However, don’t forget to keep your emotion while playing and think clearly before you make a bet in the casino game.