10 Ways of Creating a World Peace, One of Which is Play Idn Poker Online

World Peace

World War was recorded twice and took many victims. In fact, no human being wants to live under threat. Yes, everyone in various parts of the world would expect a peaceful life. Even so, disagreements are sometimes able to trigger conflicts that even have a lasting impact. You don’t want to do it when you are active or when you spend a weekend with your family. You feel panicked because of conflicts between countries?
The world peace that everyone desires is not only the duty of the government. We, as citizens, also have an important role in supporting the program, especially as a young generation who will lead a country.

The way to achieve world peace is also not hard. There are many simple ways we can do. Here are some simple ways we can, as young people, to create world peace.

1. Play Poker Together With Your Friends

Playing Poker With Friends

You can start this together with the closest people, like family or friends. When you are good enough, you can try to invite people from various countries to compete. Of course, by playing poker, the friendship will get closer, so that makes you a more humane person. Try to play poker at your friend’s apartment or somewhere else. There, you will meet people from various places to join the most exciting poker game for you!

2. Be a Good Person without Expecting Rewards

Being good does not mean you have to give money or give a gift to someone. The kindness you are addressing to people shows that they are important. You can do things to do good, for example, by setting aside allowances and giving them to homeless people, donating allies to others in need, caring for colleagues, or even just smiling. Is it bad if we see other people’s faces that are dirty or sullen?

3. Stop Judging Others

It’s really easy to make comments or even judge someone just by looking at their appearance. But the bad prejudice that you do will only make you uncomfortable.
Don’t be afraid or prejudice people just by the way they dress, wherever you are. Because not necessarily, they are as bad as you imagine.

Everyone does have their own beliefs in life. Do not rule out the possibility that we are not prejudiced and doing good to others, then that other person will feel that we are a meaningful person and realize humans as brothers and sisters.

4. Stop Role as a Victim

If you experience something bad in life, it’s very easy to feel that we are victims. However, that feeling will only lead you to feel that they are merely weak and eventually become paranoid.

Just let go of that burden, and forget about the things that make you afraid, because that will only make you lose the opportunity to spread peace in the world. The more you continue to play like a victim, the more those who hurt you feel satisfied. Be yourself to strengthen yourself and smile. This will make you feel at peace and love yourself, which will bring peace.

5. Love Others

Peace and Prosperity

Feeling peaceful or even loving those who have committed crimes against us is certainly not an easy matter. When someone has hurt us, usually, the thing we want to do is reciprocate, gossip about it, and talk about its ugliness. How do you want to create world peace if you don’t make peace between people?

Forgiveness is a big key to world peace. In this case, forgiving is not only for others who have hurt us but also for relatives and close friends who have hurt us in the past.

6. Create an atmosphere of peace at home

The house is where we return from our daily activities. Of course, we expect a peaceful home atmosphere, and that doesn’t stress us out. Therefore, release all workloads when we are at home, be happy, and listen to soothing music. Avoid love-themed music that often makes people or even us prolonged confusion. Choose music that motivates and helps bring peace to both yourself and others. When we feel at peace in your own home, we will come out of the house with positive energy.

7. Overflowing Your Creative Side

Everyone has their own creative side. Dig into the creative side that is in us, for example, by coloring, painting, drawing, music, or anything we can do to relieve stress. We can also display all our creative work in all corners of the house to provoke positive energy so that it brought peace within ourselves and spread it to others.

8. Take Time and Help Others

Maybe we are too busy with daily activities, whether it’s studying or working. However, it’s good to set aside some time to help others in need. There are many ways we can do to become a volunteer. For example, helping homeless people by giving them food or helping clean up their homes. Some hospitals even need volunteers, especially on holidays.

If it’s not possible to leave the house, we can visit sites like Kitabisa.com to see how we can contribute to helping others.

9. Eat Healthy Food

To create world peace, of course, requires energy. Take care to stay fit by consuming healthy food. With a healthy physical condition, we can spread more goodness and peace. Besides, of course, it’s easier.

10. Meditation

One thing we must remember, creating peace in the world must start from yourself. Not only about physical matters, but a peaceful soul will also bring positive energy. Do meditation or pray and get closer to the creator, surely we will get peace in ourselves. If we ourselves have peace, we will certainly be better prepared to spread and create world peace.

Well, what do you think?